Groundwater provides clean drinking water, in addition to feeding coldwater streams and lakes.

Protecting The Water We Drink

There are many places where groundwater is already contaminated due to industry and agriculture, leaving even less of an already precious resource available to us.

Suwannee River - photo source Wikimedia Commons

Way Down Upon The Suwannee River

The Suwannee River Mine, which opened in northern Florida in 1965, was once one of our nation’s most productive sources for rock phosphate, the raw material used to manufacture phosphoric acid (phosphorus).

WCD parking lot

Please, Park On The Grass

Though the grassy-pave looks like a lawn from a distance, it is actually a structural system, designed to withstand the weight of cars and trucks without compacting the soil beneath.

Cottage Grove Ravine Park

Groundwater And Climate Change: South Washington Watershed District Prepares For New Challenges

More water running off the land means less infiltrating down into aquifers; that combined with more people washing clothes, watering lawns and flushing toilets has resulted in declining groundwater levels in some parts of the watershed.

Badlands Bison with credit

Giants Of The Prairie

On Saturday, June 11, the ground in the Belwin prairie will again shake as a truck pulls up, opens its doors and releases a herd of bison with thundering hooves.