And From The Earth Springs New Life

The flames spread across the prairie like a living being, tendrils reaching, grasping, burning. The air is charcoal smoke chasing birds out of bushes and rabbits into burrows. Fire consumes it all – bluestem, bergamot and aster, thistle, ragweed and fleabane. When it is over, there is nothing left but singed leaves and black hills.…
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Land Cover And Pollinators? There’s A Map For That.

These records are computerized for easy use, unlike the handwritten notes from Minnesota’s first land surveys, which are stored on yellowed paper at the Historical Society.

When Space Is Tight, Take Stormwater Treatment Underground

Step back in time to 1962, and you’d find Stillwater’s Lily Lake beach crowded with swimmers. Though small, Lily Lake was considered to be one of the deepest and clearest lakes in the Twin Cities area, much like Square and Christmas Lakes, and folks came here from around the region to swim, relax, and enjoy…
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Minnesotans Call For New Legislation To Promote Smart Salting

Written in partnership with Watershed Partners: More than ten years ago, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) came to a frightening realization. After testing lakes and streams in the Twin Cities metro area, they discovered that chloride levels in many were climbing, and that some were already too salty to support fish. Further testing…
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Hardy Minnesotans Not Going To Let Water Pollution Win

The state has 11,842 lakes and 69,000 miles of rivers and streams, and Minnesotans intend to hunt, fish, boat and swim every one of those water bodies.