Contractors preparing to treat EWM on Big Marine in 2015

Education, Prevention, Control Are Key Components Of Washington County Aquatic Invasives Work For 2016

In Washington County, Eurasian watermilfoil has taken hold in 21 lakes, zebra mussels are in Forest Lake, White Bear Lake, and the St. Croix south of Stillwater, and flowering rush has become a problem along the shoreline of Forest Lake.

adult dragonfly

Ode To Odonata

Most people consider dragonflies and damselflies to be terrestrial flying insects, but in fact, they often spend more than half of their lives in the water.

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A Chat About Scat

Are you four years old? Forty-four years old? Do you like to talk about poop? Come on, admit it. Poop is a little bit funny isn’t it? Two years ago we went on vacation to Jamaica. My son, who was two at the time, had just learned how to use the toilet three weeks before…
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Girl scouts got dirty as well.

Volunteers Needed For 2016 Earth Day Clean-up Events

Plastic bottles, bags, cigarette butts and other garbage in streets and roadside ditches are eventually washed into lakes and rivers when the snow melts or it rains. The Mississippi river gathers runoff (and trash) from 1,245,000 square miles and carries it to the Gulf of Mexico.

We're promoting the same conservation practices today as we did 75 years ago.

Conservation In The Time Of Wrath

Deep-rooted prairie grasses could find moisture during the driest of summers, but farm crops died quickly, leaving nothing behind but bare soil. During the ensuing Dust Bowl, clouds of dirt darkened the sun, burying homes and hopes in their wake.