New Approaches To Help Farmers Make A Living And Protect Our Water Resources

Community supported agriculture helps people to better know their local farmers and also provides growers with a stable and predictable income from year to year.

State Of The Mississippi River

We’ve achieved a 35% reduction in phosphorus concentrations in the metro Mississippi River, mostly due to improvements at wastewater treatment plants, but that improvement is somewhat counteracted by the increase in flow coming from upstream.

Change Is Underway For Cottage Grove Ravine Park

This year, Cottage Grove Ravine Park will undergo a massive transformation as Washington County Parks and the South Washington Watershed District work together to create new visitor facilities, improve habitat within the park, and protect against flooding and erosion from upstream development.

How Do You Know If A Stream Is Healthy?

Collecting water quality data from streams is not nearly as easy as collecting data from lakes and rivers.

A Whisper Of Spring In The Air

The East Metro Water Resource Education Program will begin holding landscaping workshops in April and May (North St. Paul – April 6, St. Paul Park – April 11, Oakdale – April 18, Hugo – April 27, Forest Lake – May 2).