2017 Brings More Than $2 Million In Clean Water Funds To Washington County

$505,000 will be used to help Forest Lake Area Schools, the Rice Creek Watershed District and the City of Forest Lake retrofit stormwater ponds and construct new irrigation systems to reduce groundwater use by more than 4 million gallons per year.

Finding Light In The Darkness

As Charlie and I joined the circle, linking hands with strangers on our left and right, the only things we could see were the blazing fire at the center of the ring and the half-lit faces of people gathered round.

Smart Salting – Save Money, Do Good

Many homeowners and most businesses use way more salt than necessary. In reality, a relatively light dusting with about 3-inches of space between each granule of salt is enough to melt ice effectively without wasting salt.

Farmer In May Township Wages War On Buckthorn And Wins

Today, virtually no buckthorn remains on the Anderson’s farm and Dale is able to control new seedlings that inevitably pop up with only a few hours of effort each year.

Battling Floods And Saving Trout – 20 Years Of Work For The Brown’s Creek Watershed District

Next year, the Brown’s Creek Watershed District will celebrate its 20-year anniversary and Leiser, the guy with a now-dry basement, is still working hard to prevent flooding and protect lakes and streams throughout the watershed.