Celebrate Summer With WaterFest, Explore Your Parks Day, And Lake Fest – June 3

On Saturday, June 3, a variety of outdoor and family-friendly activities are scheduled around the east metro to help kick-off the summer. Events include WaterFest at Lake Phalen in Maplewood/St. Paul, Explore Your Parks Day at Washington County Parks, and Lake Fest in Forest Lake.

DNR, Lake Groups, And Local Government Partners Work To Keep Aquatic Invaders At Bay

As of August 2016, the Minnesota DNR has identified 121 lakes, rivers and wetlands infested with zebra mussels, including Forest Lake, White Bear Lake, and the St. Croix River south of Stillwater.

Talking Turf And Water In Forest Lake

“If you’re going to choose turf,” he says, “be responsible in how you take care of it. Research shows that a poorly maintained lawn with bare patches can be almost as bad for lakes as an over-fertilized lawn.”

Gray Skies Got You Down? Turn Up The Volume.

The Mississippi River is a flyway for 60% of all the birds in North America and 320 species of birds migrate through the St. Croix River Valley.

Rethinking The Traditional Lawn

If we were to go back in time about 75 years, yesterday’s lawns looked a lot different than the ones we have today. It was considered normal (even desirable) to have a lawn full of clover.