Aquatic Invasives – The Battle Continues

Not so long ago, in a galaxy awfully close to home, the Minnesota legislature allocated $132,169 to Washington County to battle against real life aquatic invasive species (AIS) that creep steadily further into our beloved lakes and rivers each year.

Elected Board At Washington Conservation District Provides Leadership Behind The Scenes

Though board supervisors rarely end up in the spotlight, their leadership helps to guide land and water protection efforts across Washington County.

Water Quality Certification Program Helps To Nudge Minnesota Farmers In A New Direction

Today, Arnold is somewhat of a trendsetter herself. She farms just over 40-acres of land along the St. Croix River in Scandia and has become an advocate for the river and other environmental concerns.

Caring For Local Wetlands And What Not To Do With Your Leaves

As wetlands become over-saturated with nutrients, they lose their ability to filter water and sometimes even become a source of pollution for downstream lakes and rivers.

The Rise Of Nature-Based Education

Spending time outdoors in nature supports creativity and problem solving, improves academic performance, reduces attention deficit disorder (ADD) symptoms, increases physical activity, reduces stress, and improves social relations and self-discipline.