Tracing Lazy Circles In The Sand

Forty species of mussels live in the St. Croix, including five that are listed under the Federal Endangered Species Act: the Higgin’s eye, sheepnose, snuffbox, spectaclecase and winged mapleleaf.

Reflecting On 75 Years Of Conservation In Washington County

The landscape of Washington County has changed tremendously since 1942, but many of our conservation challenges and solutions remain the same.

Creating A Legacy Of Landscape Restoration In Washington County – Guided Prairie Tour Near Withrow, Aug. 16

When Jyneen Thatcher decided to make a mid-life career change, she wasn’t quite sure where her new path would lead her. She enrolled in the landscape architecture program at the University of Minnesota, with an interest in natural resources restoration. “Most of the other students in the program were designing artistic features for urban landscapes,”…
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Exploring The Smaller Side Of Nature

A healthy lake is a thriving ecosystem, alive with millions of organisms in an assortment of colors and sizes.

All That Glitters And Is Gold, Does Not Belong In Our Lakes

By the time we moved from California to Wisconsin at the end of my 6th grade year, Jumpy #4 had grown so large that she(he?) no longer fit in our fish tank.