Brown’s Creek Feels The Chill

For Brown’s Creek Watershed District, nursing its namesake waterway back to good health is a top priority.

Students Plant 10 Acres Of Prairie At St. Croix Prep

Already, the teachers are coming up with creating ways to teach about biology, ecology, math, technology and art in the prairie.

Skip Raking This Fall

Leaves contain vital nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium that turf grass and other plants need to grow. Also, leaves, are free and readily available.

Unicorn Ranches, National Parks And Waterslides

Bounded by the St. Croix River on the east and the Mississippi on the west, Lake Elmo and Trout Brook in-between, we were able to see how each student’s choices for land development fit in the larger landscape.

St. Croix Stories

The St. Croix River has changed dramatically over the years. What do you think it will look like 40 years from now?