Unicorn Ranches, National Parks And Waterslides

Bounded by the St. Croix River on the east and the Mississippi on the west, Lake Elmo and Trout Brook in-between, we were able to see how each student’s choices for land development fit in the larger landscape.

St. Croix Stories

The St. Croix River has changed dramatically over the years. What do you think it will look like 40 years from now?

Sending Love From Down Under

I’m enjoying the tropical weather here in Queensland and the beaches are beautiful despite the fact that they’re all infested with crocodiles.

Two Llamas And A Prairie

“For our 25th anniversary – the silver anniversary – we got a doe with silver ears and two baby goats.” Becky Vierling smiles as she talks about the small farm in Denmark Township that she and her husband Philip bought in 2003. When the Vierlings took on a more than 100-year old farm house with…
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Celebrating The Wild Along Brown’s Creek Trail

Sometimes I wonder if our children can still find the wild that we grew up in.