Getting Rid Of Junk

On Tuesday, April 26 Washington County, South Washington Watershed District and the City of Cottage Grove will be co-hosting an open-house at the Environmental Center from 5-6:30pm. During this time, they will be showcasing clean water projects from around the county as well as providing information about cost-share grants and assistance available to help residents improve backyard habitat and do clean water landscaping projects like raingardens and shoreline plantings.

Do It For The Kids (Shrink Your Yard)

The concept of sustainability is rooted in this universal hope we all share that our children and grandchildren will lead lives as good or better than our own.

Protecting The St. Croix River

In Washington County, raingardens, shoreline plantings and grassed waterways are spreading like wildflowers. There were nearly 100 clean water projects on private land in the county in 2009, and 130 in 2010.

Springs Have Sprung

 Rocks are weeping along the St. Croix River. If you hike along the river’s edge, you can see clear, cold water trickling down the sides of their walls and burbling to the surface year-round. In seepage swamps, found low at the bases of cliffs, skunk cabbage blooms in late winter, while in the spring, rare…
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Birds Gone Wild

Because native flowers, shrubs and trees also help to prevent erosion and runoff water pollution, watershed districts in Washington County can provide grants to people for planting or improving bird habitat along lake, stream and wetland edges and for people with cropland or ravines that drain to the St. Croix River and other waterways.