Let The Fish Flipping Begin

Starting soon, fish eating, beer drinking, soda slurping patrons like myself will start finding coasters with the most unusual message sitting under their drinks.

Running In The Rain

As I turned the corner, I couldn’t help remembering one of my all-time greatest ever runs, which also happened in the pouring rain.

The Kids Just Get It

Of course we should get up and dance when someone plays a fiddle along the banks of the St. Croix River.

Local Cities Take A Cost-Effective Approach To Reducing Water Pollution

Along with the typical notices and schedules, some cities are starting to send their residents an unusual request when road maintenance projects begin.

Artful Raingardens In The St. Croix Valley

Several Artful Raingarden events are planned for June and July to celebrate the St. Croix, showcase local art, and educate people about raingardens and the river.