A Little Government Goes A Long Way

Fans of small government can also appreciate the fact that the Conservation District employs only thirteen staff, doesn’t collect any taxes and achieves significant conservation achievements solely through engaging private property owners in voluntary projects.

Putting Down Roots

Where now there are corn fields, wheat fields and houses with close trimmed lawns, once grew big bluestem, purple coneflower, compass plant and cylindric blazing star.

Gypsies On The St. Croix

Mild panic ensued, but we negotiated the whitewater successfully, without losing a single bracelet or charm.

The Old Lady Who Swallowed A Daphnia

Who’s eating the daphnia in Square Lake? Is it the rainbow trout stocked by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources each spring and fall? Is it the bluegills and sunfish in the lake? Could a fly be to blame? What is a daphnia anyway, and why do I care?

Good Golfing, Happy Trout

How much sediment travels down tiny Brown’s Creek each year? There’s less dirt now than last year, and there will be even less a year from now. That’s good news for the Brown’s Creek Watershed District, good news for Wolf Marine and good news for the fish in the creek. Good golfing means happy trout.