Green Streets, Blue Water, Yellow Ducks

Starting next year, the bright yellow Derby Day ducks will enjoy cleaner, bluer, water during their annual float down Perro Creek thanks to the Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization’s (MSCWMO) upcoming Green Streets Project.

Street Sweepers – Sucking Soon On A Street Near You?

Hence, dirty roads today often mean smelly lakes next summer. To combat this problem, many east metro communities like Woodbury sweep their streets twice a year, once in the fall to keep leaves from clogging the storm sewers and once in the spring to remove leftover winter sand.

Things That Make You Go Eww

To recap, septic systems need to be inspected and pumped every three years and replaced periodically, otherwise they can leak sewage into drinking water supplies and nearby lakes and rivers or overflow into your backyard and basement like a toilet in reverse. If that doesn’t win the applause-o-meter for eww, I don’t know what will.

Life After Buckthorn

Prepare to enjoy leisurely afternoons in your backyard, watching birds or savoring the fall colors.

Let’s All Hate Buckthorn Together!

Are you going to let yourself be beaten by a plant? With strength in numbers, and nothing else to do until the snow comes, we can rise up and take back the land!