One BIG Pile Of Leaves

This year, the Freshwater Society has launched an initiative called Community Clean-ups for Water Quality, which encourages citizens to help keep lakes and rivers clean by removing leaves and other debris from city streets during the fall and spring when this debris poses the biggest threat to our waterways.

Stillwater Gets A Blue Star

This September, Stillwater took the Blue Star assessment and scored high enough to land themselves a spot on the Blue Star Leader Board, as well as one of the coveted Blue Stars. The city attained high points for natural resources preservation and management, stormwater management policies, and inspections and enforcement.

A Little Government Goes A Long Way

Fans of small government can also appreciate the fact that the Conservation District employs only thirteen staff, doesn’t collect any taxes and achieves significant conservation achievements solely through engaging private property owners in voluntary projects.

Putting Down Roots

Where now there are corn fields, wheat fields and houses with close trimmed lawns, once grew big bluestem, purple coneflower, compass plant and cylindric blazing star.

Gypsies On The St. Croix

Mild panic ensued, but we negotiated the whitewater successfully, without losing a single bracelet or charm.