Running To Brazil

On the two days we visited this January, the falls at Iguazu cascaded downward in breathtaking hues of turquoise and blue, but photos taken by other travelers only one month earlier showed the river swollen with water like chocolate milk.

Litter In The Water (or The Butt That Broke The Camel’s Back)

In 2009, volunteers picked up 10,239,538 plastic and paper bags, food wrappers, caps and lids, glass and plastic bottles, plastic cups, plates, forks, knives and spoons, aluminum cans, straws and other items of debris. Most of all, the volunteers found cigarette butts – 2,189,252 of them to be exact.

Bringing Nature To Your Doorstep

Where was nature during that stretch of my childhood? It was certainly in the mountains, probably out in the country where the grapevines grew, possibly in the orchards and empty lots, but definitely not in our own backyard.

Out Standing In Their Field

Standing in their field that day, the Warmingtons knew that the folks at the WCD would be able to help them with this gully as well.

As The Water Drop Rolls

Long envied for her crystal clear water, the lake uses her beauty and charm to convince Washington County Parks and the Carnelian-Marine-St. Croix Watershed District to build raingardens, porous pavement, a rock swale and native plantings to block a pesky suitor known locally as Polluted Runoff.