Local Communities Working To Keep Roads Safe And Water Fresh

Almost all of the salt spread on our roads and parking lots eventually migrates to surface or ground waters and like sugar in your morning coffee, once it’s there, it’s almost impossible to remove.

Giving And Getting Trees For The Holidays

Trees are the perfect present for the person that has everything. Best of all, they’re equally good for Hanukkah, Christmas and birthdays alike.

Forest Lake Makes Dead Ends Into New Beginnings

Before you sipped, breathed a sigh, and began your daily work, that water drop in your cup traveled a billion years and a million miles. It was passed down from generation to generation by the people who lived before us. Raingardens in Forest Lake are just one of the ways we can ensure this gift keeps giving.

Do You Really Like Me?

My best guess for prom queen this year is the St. Croix River, liked by 16,850 people. Hopefully all those people are ready to roll up their sleeves and pitch in on projects to keep the river clean, now that its been declared impaired for excess phosphorus.

Green Streets, Blue Water, Yellow Ducks

Starting next year, the bright yellow Derby Day ducks will enjoy cleaner, bluer, water during their annual float down Perro Creek thanks to the Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization’s (MSCWMO) upcoming Green Streets Project.