Good Golfing, Happy Trout

How much sediment travels down tiny Brown’s Creek each year? There’s less dirt now than last year, and there will be even less a year from now. That’s good news for the Brown’s Creek Watershed District, good news for Wolf Marine and good news for the fish in the creek. Good golfing means happy trout.

Conservation Snapshots

Lake Elmo – A flock of geese was prevented from landing due to a buffer of tall grasses and flowers planted along the water’s edge at a property on Lake Jane. The geese were reportedly seen later on a neighbor’s turf lawn.

Who Left The Shower On?

A recent special edition of National Geographic reported that the average American uses about 100 gallons of water at home each day, while millions of the world’s poorest people subsist on fewer than five gallons of water a day.

Learning To Love Shallow Lakes

Many of our frustrations with shallow lakes in our communities would be eliminated if we learned to love them for what they are – excellent wildlife habitat, essential links in the watershed chain, which help to absorb pollutants and excess nutrients as well as limit flooding, and beautiful scenery in our backyards and along our trail corridors.

The Little Neighborhood That Could

…this feisty group of Newport neighbors has worked together to make improvements in their own yards that benefit the entire community.